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Hall Hire


From time to time the church council hires out its halls for meetings and children's parties. The Terms and Conditions of hire are shown below, followed by a link to an online enquiry form.

Plan of the halls

Some regular users of our halls are listed here.

Terms and Conditions of Hire

  1. The Parochial Church Council (PCC) of St. Barnabas Church shall not be responsible for any loss of, or damage to, any property on the premises.
  2. The PCC shall not be responsible for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of supply of electricity or gas, leakage of water, fire, government restriction or Act of God which may cause the Halls to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled.
  3. The PCC reserves the right to cancel the booking if exceptional unforeseen circumstances arise. In the event of the PCC cancelling the booking, all fees (including any deposit) paid by the Hirer shall be refunded.
  4. If the Hirer wishes to cancel the booking, the PCC may at its absolute discretion refund the fees, but shall be under no obligation to do so.
  5. The Fire Exits must be kept clear at all times. The Hirer must ensure that the St. Barnabas Church Halls Emergency Plan (as displayed in the Halls) is followed in the event of a fire on the premises and that any vehicles parked on the premises in connection with the Hirer's activities do not block any fire escape routes (particularly that alongside the east wall of the South Halls and gates at the South end of the South Halls).
  6. No smoking or vaping is allowed in the church grounds or any part of the Church Halls.
  7. The Hirer may not operate portable heaters in the church halls or grounds.
  8. The PCC reserves the right to restrict the use of equipment, toys and activities that could damage the decoration, flooring or fabric of the building.
  9. The Hirer must leave the buildings and grounds in a clean and tidy state. This includes:-
    • Cleaning up spillages
    • Sweeping the floors
    • Stacking and returning chairs and tables to their appointed places
    • Removing all refuse and food waste from the premises.
  10. The Halls must be cleared and vacated by the agreed time. In the interests of neighbouring residents, please ensure that everyone leaves quietly.
  11. The PCC reserves the right to withhold all or part of any deposit paid if any of the following has occurred:-
    • failure to leave the building by the agreed time
    • there have been breakages or other damage to Church, Halls or other property caused by the Hirer or their guests
    • failure to leave the buildings and grounds in a clean and tidy state
    • gas filled balloons require removal
    • confetti, streamers, filled balloons or other decorations and devices have left any residue in the Halls or Church Grounds.
  12. In the event of damage being caused to the structure of the Halls or surrounding grounds or to the furniture, fixtures or equipment therein, either by those on the premises at the invitation or agreement of the Hirer or by uninvited outsiders, then the Hirer shall pay the full cost of the repairs and/or replacements.
  13. The Hirer shall not sub-let the Halls or any part thereof; the right to use the buildings and grounds under this agreement shall be specific to the Hirer and may not be re-assigned.
  14. The Hirer must not copy the PCC's keys or share the lock codes.
  15. Any equipment housed in the Halls and not belonging to the Hirer must not be moved or used.
  16. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to obtain any licences required.
    • No alcohol must be sold without a licence
    • No gaming must be held without a licence
    • The Hirer shall be responsible for obtaining any licences in connection with the booking, in particular, the playing of copyrighted music and/or showing of copyrighted films/DVD's etc.
    The PCC reserves the right to inspect these licences prior to the hiring event.
  17. The booking is covered by the PCC's Public Liability Insurance which includes any accident that was proven to be caused by negligence on the part of the PCC. However, if someone has an accident caused by the Hirer or one of the Hirer's members or guests or others through negligence on the Hirer's part, the Hirer may be liable for any claims. The Hirer should consider the desirability of having adequate insurance in force for all legal liabilities which could arise, including death or personal injury, to third parties (including employees and volunteers), or damage to property of the PCC or the property of others, arising out of the Hirer's occupation and activities whilst at the Halls.
  18. Only the sections of the Halls specifically booked may be used.
  19. Lightweight decorations and display material may only be fixed to the display boards or hung from the hooks provided. No Blue Tack, adhesive tape or other fixings may be used anywhere on the Hall or Church buildings.
  20. Rights of Entry during a hiring are reserved to PCC officials and any Police or Fire Officer, or anyone with Statutory Rights of Entry.
  21. The Hirer is required to adhere to our Safeguarding policy to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected at all times, by taking all reasonable steps to prevent injury, loss or damage occurring.
  22. While the pandemic continues, the Hirer is required to adhere to our Covid Policy.
  23. The Hirer is responsible for good order to be kept in and around the buildings at all times.
  24. Limited car parking is available in the Church grounds. However, the Hirer must ensure proper supervision of car parking arrangements so that at all times an access path is left along the Church driveway for emergency vehicles to drive up to the Halls (see also Point 5 above). In the interests of safety, the Hirer should encourage those arriving and leaving the premises on foot to use the pedestrian path which runs along the south side of the Church to reach the main entrance to the Halls.
  25. Within the Halls, only the kitchen may be used for the heating or cooking of food.


Online enquiry form

To apply to hire the halls, use the button below to access the online enquiry form. We will reply saying whether we can accept your booking, and at what cost. Your booking becomes confirmed once we have received your payment and deposit.

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