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Memorial Chapel, looking South

The Civil Defence Forces window A painting of Jesus The Annunciation window

Above the wooden panels along the south side of the chapel is a portrait of Christ’s head as the artist imagined it, painted by Cyril Worker, a member of St Barnabas.

The wooden panels commemorate men who died in the First World War:

William J Adam
Charles G Anderson
Alfred R Baker
Fred Baldwin
Ronald D M Barbour
Howard L Bartrum
Alfred G Bedwell
Albert F Bennett
John A Berry
William H Bitten
John Blackburn
Edward Blake
William Breese
Bertie D Brown
Edwin J S Brown
Herbert L Brown
Percy G Brown
William E Buckfield
Robert Bunce
Robert A Cairns
James H Caisbrook
Alfred Carey
Ernest W Catlin
Arthur Charman
James C Charman
Ernest S Chippendale
William V Chippendale
Kenneth A Clark
Theodore P Clark
Percival M Cook
Charles H Cooper
Arthur C Corne
William T Cox
William Dawson
Alan V Dodd
Ellis Dunkley
Tom Evans
Michael F Farley
George F Fewell
John W Freeman
Harry Fry
Fred M Gayler
John S Gibson
Colin T Girdlestone
Alec Gordon
Alfred W Greenslade
Herbert A Groombridge
John G Groombridge
John F Hack
Charles W Haite
William Hall
Alfred E Hamlyn
Ernest Harris
Ernest J Harrold
Herbert F Harrold
Kenneth J Hawkins
Hugh Hayter
Alfred E Henton
Frank Henton
Alfred Hobart
Frank R Hogg
Vincent Horn
Leonard Hutchings
William J Hutchings
Leonard Ingham
Archibald L Jacques
Douglas P Jay
Carl Johnson
James Jones
Wilfrid Keohane
John Killick
William King
Harold Knowler
Tom Lamb
David Lambert
William H Launchbury
Charles H Levett
Sydney N Levitt
Frank Long
James Long
Alfred Longley
Alan C Maclean
Harry Marshall
Wellesley Marshall
Charles W Mc Carthy
Walter Mead
Robert Miles
Fred W Millard
Ernest E Mingay
Philip Moore
Joseph Morey
Archibald E Morris
William C Muggeridge
Fred Norman
Sydney North
George Nuttman
William Packham
Alfred E Page
Alfred J Palmer
Sydney Paine
Albert H Pink
Fred Purnell
Stanley Ross
Leonard T Rowell
Alfred J Seal
Leonard Seymour
Fred Sharp
Tom E Shearman
Albert E Shrubsole
Frank H Shrubsole
William H Shrubsole
Harry H Sillence
Henry B T Simmonds
Caleb B Smith
Stanley Soper
Albert G T Southam
William H Staines
Jack Stevenson
James J Suggitt
George Taylor
Lewis Taylor
Bernard Tate
Albert E Tearle
Frank Tomlin
Albert H Trower
Edward C Trower
Albert Turner
George F Turner
Henry E Ulyet
Sydney H Wallis
L. Frank Walker
William H Warren
Fred Waterman
Harry O Wayman
Arthur J Webb
Edwin A Weller
John H Weller
Henry A Weston
Robert Whitehead
Fred J S Wills
Herbert Wood
Wilfred H Wood
Albert A Woolf
George A Young
Thomas Mc Donald
Thomas Ireson